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Shameless Self-Promotion

*Silver Lining Edition*


Season's greetings, all!

Time once again to shamelessly plug some non-work-related activities. 

Unfortunately, not all of my updates are festive this time around, but I've heard the best way to deliver bad news is to sandwich it between two pieces of better news, so let's give it a try.

Space Needle Returns

Space Needle Reunion


Serum's - Anoka, MN

Everyone's favorite 90s tribute band returns to its home stage at Serum's in Anoka for another Gen-X nostalgia trip this spring.

Line up your sitters and dig out your flannels;
Needle shows are like a high school reunion
but without all the awkward conversation.

Brute Squad Begins
"Farewell (for now) Tour"

It's been a great 14 years, but after playing hundreds of shows for dozens of people, the Brute Squad's days of playing on a regular basis are coming to an end.

Our singer is packing up and heading south this spring,
but you still have a few chances to catch us before the annual
Once-in-a-Lifetime Reunion Tour begins!

Farewell (for now) Tour




All shows 8:30pm-12:30​am

Narrows Saloon - Navarre, MN

As you may have seen at the November Town Hall,
I've recently taken an interest in video production in addition to my usual musical endeavors.

My new website is live now, but it doesn't work great through our firewall, so feel free to give it a more thorough look when you get home, or check out some examples on YouTube or Facebook during your designated break period.

The North Room

Keep in touch:

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New Film Venture
Fills the Void

As always, sincere thanks to those of you who have come out to see my silly little band(s) over the years. It's always great to see some familiar faces in the crowd and have someone to buy a drink for when we hit the set break.

Happy Holidays to you all, and here's hoping I run into you at one of the shows this winter/spring!


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